Life in the 1960s
Life Today
People in the 60's would take more road trips than flight travel and wouldn't get places as quickly.

People now get places faster and more people travel through flight instead of road travel.
Cars were really big back then and used a lot of gas.

Cars today are more fuel efficient and we even have hybrid cars.
Computers were the size of a whole room and you had to use computer cards

Now we have PCs, Laptops, iPads, Facebook, and twitter
Used to use slide rules

Now we use Calculators
not a lot of people had cell phones

allmost everyone has one now
McDonald's hamburgers were a quarter

Now hamburgers are anywhere from a dollar to 3 dollars
The price for a gallon of regular gas in the 60's was $0.31.
Cars from America where not as good as from other countries.

The price for a gallon of regular gas today is about $2.89.American cars now are safer and more reliable.

There were no electronic toys.

=Now, most toys are electronics.
People in the 1960's had record players

People today now have cd's and itunes
A gallon of gas was 25 cents.

Today a gallon of gas is about a $2.80
Drive in movies

Movie Theater
In the 60's, people could go into stores and put things on a charge account, then leave with the item and not have to pay for it.

Today, most people use credit cards if they want to pay for something later.
Wore long dresses and pumps.

Jeans and workout shoes or converse.
Music was either folk music and early rock and roll

Today is Pop, Rap or "RB & B"
back in the 60's there was a giant hippie movement and they had afro's and really long hair

now peace is still big but we don't have afro's
There was only one stoplight in some of the smaller towns

Almost every street has a stoplight
´╗┐There were no airbags in cars

´╗┐Airbags are in every car in the front seat and sometimes the wall
back in the 60's there was no color tv's

now we have color tv's and even 3d tv's

Cars in the 60s were approximately 3,000 to 3,500

Cars now a days are about 20.000 to 30.000
More religious politians

no religious politians whatsoever

There were no computers, so computers weren't invented so students couldn't type.

Almost everybody has a computer now.
Not all cars had seatbelts

Every car needs a seatbelt as a safety issue
Cars cost only $1,000 to $2,000

Cars are over $14,000 these days
They had vinyl tapes

We all have cd's

There were no cell phones, or cds and vhs tapes

Now lots of people have cell phones, and there are DVDs

their were small skools,larger families ..and MUCH less technology,TV dinners and records were big also..GAS WAS ONLY 25 cence

their is much much more electronics and much larger skools...and gas is 2 to 3 $ a gollon
They wore go go boots and long go go dresses

Back then kids would be out of the house like all day. There parents didnt mind.

Now parents are scared their kids are gonna get hurt.
there was no cable the picture was black and white

we have high def tv and cable and on demand
You could get penny candy.

Now a candy bar is a dollar.
In the 60's, they listened to records.

Now we listen to Ipod's and MP3 players.
Carsseats and seatbelts weren't mandatory to wear or sit in.

Now you may get a ticket if a police officer sees you without one or your child not sitting in a carseat.
the dollar was worth alot more

the dollar has little value
you parents were not as conscience about where you were because there wasnt as much violence

now adays paretns like to know twhere there children are because they are afraid they missing or in trouble.
cars were made with just the things they needed

cars have special things like a gps or dvd player.
some cars still had the steering wheel on the left

all cars have the steering wheel on the right now
tv was in black and white and didnt have alot of channels.

tv is in color and have hundreds of channels to choose from.
People didn't know what side effects drugs had

Now many people know what will happen if they use drugs
The penny had some more worth to it.

Now it seems useless today because of all the high prices in todays society.
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